[Ardour-Dev] Some editing hints wanted

fons at kokkinizita.net fons at kokkinizita.net
Mon Sep 13 13:34:21 PDT 2010

Hello all,

I'm wondering what is the recommended way to the following kind
of editing.

I have a number of takes of the same piece, all together about
an hour of recording. There are multiple tracks, some of them
also multichannel. The final version consists of bits and pieces
of those takes spliced together.

The basic operation consists of

1. extracting those pieces,
2. moving them somewhere (the end of the session) in the right order,
3. splicing then together so the transitions won't be noticed.

(1) should be done without modifying the original - other 
pieces from it may be required later. The only way I know
to do this ATM is:

- split the regions at the required begin and end points,
- move the selected part to the end,
- move back to the original place,
- delete the 'right' part,
- extend the 'left' part to the original end of region.

This is quite tedious, in particular as each step also
requires selecting all tracks, making sure they dont move
relative to each other, etc. The last three steps are 
required only to undo the unwanted side effect of the first.

Is there a simpler way to do this ?

Some other points I haven't been able to find answers for:

- Putting a location marker is bound to KP-Enter. Unfortunately
  you don't have that on a laptop. The Keybindings window does
  not list this action (I expected it under 'Transport'). My
  ~/.ardour2 does apparently not have a file that defines the
  keybindings. How can this be modified ?

- It it possible to have markers that stay at the same point of
  a region when that region is moved ?

Thanks for any advice,


There are three of them, and Alleline.

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