[Ardour-Dev] rfc: proposed feature to prevent accidental overwriting of automation

Alex Montgomery apmontgomery at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 02:34:47 PDT 2010

>> Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
>>> it frequently happens to me that i forget to switch back from automation
>>> write to play after editing or recording automation events.
>>> this forum post (http://ardour.org/node/3817) shows that i'm not alone :)

So I take it that there is no current way to undo automation changes?
Can we file a feature request for this too, or am I alone in this
desire? Another way to prevent stupidity like the proposed
hierarchical automation tree is a great idea, but it would be great to
also have a way to *reverse* stupidity like an automation undo ;)

I don't know if it makes sense to put automation in the normal undo
history, or to perhaps make a separate automation history, or even a
separate history associated with each automation control. That last
option seems like it would fit well in the tree architecture as you
could even ask a parent to undo the last command and it would undo any
changes the children underwent in that last transaction.

That's all just thinking out loud, really. The main point I want to
get across is that it's very irksome to accidentally overwrite finely
crafted automation data with no way to undo it. Once I decided to quit
without saving in the blind hope that the automation would revert to
the last save; when users are doing stuff like this, there's probably
a problem.

Just my two cents, I am ever grateful that Ardour is as awesome as it is.

-- Alex

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