[Ardour-Dev] Recommendations for a Mac keyboard ?

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 00:53:53 PDT 2010

Earlier this year I bought a Mac Mini with its shiny aluminium, flat-key keyboard.  Pretty it may be - but the keyboard soon started to lose its appeal.  No 'Insert' key, no 'hash' key and very poor tactile feedback that seems to encourage me to 'stab' at the keys with two fingers, rather than tying properly.  Oh, and if I type too fast, it misses out letters as you can see!

I soon realised that the missing keys can usually be simulated (if I'm willing to remember obscure, convoluted key combinations) but the absence of a hash key in particular, is a real pain for a C++ programmer!

So it's now time to ditch the Apple keyboard and buy something better.  The only problem is that Apple's keyboard offers some useful functionality - such as keys that control my loudspeaker volume and a key that ejects the CD (which has no eject button of its own).  Again, I can work around these things but having them available on the keyboard is very useful.

So can anyone recommend a good replacement keyboard (USB or wireless)?  I know they're often available with programmable keys these days but for programmable keys, I'd need one that came with drivers for OS-X.  Any suggestions?


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