[Ardour-Dev] Feature suggestions

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sun Nov 7 03:22:45 PST 2010


I have a couple more ideas for possible features that have come to me over
the past few days.

1: Apply fx/automation to selection/region

This could be visualised by drawing a semi transparent line with node
endings across the selected area/region. This would allow multiple tasks
to be applied to a single area or multiple adjacent areas. It would also
allow the selected area to be easily resized. When clicked it could
present a popup window with a visualisation of the waveform for the
area/s, on the left side of the popup could be the black panel for the fx
and under the waveform the automation tracks could be displayed.

2: "Adjust gain curve" for selected area. I'm not sure what the official
name for this tool would be. Basic idea is to process the selected
area/region and create a gain curve that made sure all peaks were no
greater than specified db level. Defaulting to -0.2db.

3: Peak level display line. Draw a semi transparent line across the
waveform/region/track that shows the peak level in the same color spectrum
as the mixer level meter. Allow the line to be movable. Adjusting will
alter the gain curve. Maybe easiest to only adjust where peaks are in red
spectrum. Apply smoothing to gain curve to make sure the area is cleanly

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

"ZPE is not about creating something from nothing: It is about using the
zero point of a wave as a means to transform other forms of potential
energy like magnetic flux, heat, or particle spin into usable energy in
such a way that entropy appears to be reversed."

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