[Ardour-Dev] "Click of deaf" bug

Carl Hetherington lists at carlh.net
Fri Jul 16 08:34:05 PDT 2010

On Fri, 16 Jul 2010, Natanael Olaiz wrote:


> Any hint to debug it? Maybe a NaN in the fade-in algorithm?

As a first step I would be inclined to put some printfs in 
Route::process_output_buffers (in libs/ardour/route.cc) which is where the 
majority of the route's signal processing happens.  Make some stuff like

if (bufs[0][0] > 1e3) {
   printf ("bad things\n");

(where ie3 is small enough to catch your large sample values).

If you put those in at various places it would at least give some 
indication about where the large value is creeping in.

#ardour on irc.freenode.org is a good place to discuss this if you are 
working on it :)



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