[Ardour-Dev] video timeline patch testing

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Fri Jul 16 05:14:43 PDT 2010

On 07/16/2010 05:11 AM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> On 07/16/2010 12:29 PM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>> On 07/16/2010 08:41 AM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have built the patched version of a3 with video timeline support.


>>> When trying to import an .avi video I get this error message:
>>> "Parsing Video-File info failed. Is the video-server running? Is the
>>> file
>>> readable by the video-server? Does the docroot match? Is it a
>>> video-file?"
>>> What should I do to verify those questions?

Ardour queries the video-server about the .avi (duration, fps etc). If
it can not not reach the server you get this message.

  - Is the video-server running?
 (these are the defaults, icsd -p <port> -P <listen-addr>)

  - Is the file readable by the video-server?
    or use
    http://localhost:1554/index/ to navigate to it.

>> Moving a bit further along I have installed the vseq.php script in
>> localhost but when I try to load a video I still get the same error in
>> the console.

The vseq.php script is for protoyping only. Maybe you're missing
'ffmpeg' or 'ffprobe' command-line utils ?
It has the same interface as icsd.
  http://localhost/vseq.php/status should say "ok[..]"
better use:

>> I'll try installing the server next.
> Ok, Got it installed and running with
> ./src/icsdd -C 1024

It should not even start like this. It requires a <docroot> to be given
on the commandline.  eg `./src/icsd /home/<user>/Videos/`

Just let ardour start it for you!

The first time you open a video [and it can't reach the server] it'll
ask you where the server is located (unless it is in $PATH).
The dialog will also suggest a docroot and set the preferences for you.

> I am trying to load a short mpg and an avi. Neither formats are loading
> and I still get that same error message in the console.

After starting the video-server (default port=1554) check

http://localhost:1554/index/  --to list the index of the docroot.
http://localhost:1554/status/ -- list open decoders & cached frames.

> I have also set the docroot to  /home/<user>/Videos/  in the preferences
> panel.
The ardour setting should be identical to what you've specified as
server-docroot when starting icsd.

The easiest is to leave it untouched and just let ardour start 'icsd'.
This way it'll use the same docroot for 'icsd' and save that in Ardour

When I wrote the videotimeline/README there was no setup-dialog. I'll
update the README soon.

> The video server is running as root user and the files are world readable.

It does not need to be started as root, but it does not matter.

> The "Open Video" dialog is looking for the video in the full path. I'm
> not sure if that will create a conflict or not.

That's perfect. The docroot is stripped from the full absolute path.

>>> Cheers.

Thanks for giving it a go,


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