[Ardour-Dev] A3 MIDI - beta hitlist

allcoms allcoms at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 02:49:07 PDT 2010

Just over a month ago now I sent a mail to Paul and Carl detailing
what in my opinion are the most critical bugs that should be fixed
before a beta of A3 is released. I listed seven bugs and of those
three have been fixed and one is down the the libgnomecanvas guys to
make a new release so I'm going to leave that one off this time. In
the mean time a couple of other major MIDI bugs have reared their ugly
heads and so this is my updated list of what I would say needs to be
fixed before A3 enters beta. I have just verified that all these bugs
and missing features are still present under A3 7402, which is the
latest revision at time of writing.

MIDI automation mode drawing problems


This set of bugs (3203) concerns me the most. It was the promise of
MIDI 'automation' that got me motivated into becoming a bug tester for
Ardour because this is still missing from qtractor and is poorly
implemented in Rosegarden. If we can get this working properly it will
be a huge win for Ardour and Linux audio in general but unfortunately
it seems Paul and Carl are both stumped as to why MIDI automation gets
mashed (essentially becoming uneditable) after saving/loading a

MIDI note placed on first beat of first bar doesn't get played


This is probably the most visible and frequently reported (in #ardour)
flaw with MIDI playback as it stands in A3

Errors on adding track after track removal


Note velocity adjust problem


This is only minor but bugs me - surely this one is an easy fix?

So thats it really, 3 'major' and one minor MIDI bug. There is also
VSTi support but I don't think we need this for a beta release. As I
say, the biggie is sorting out the MIDI 'automation' problems and once
that is working it would be very useful to see these requests

'Clear' button for MIDI automation data


MIDI controller automation tracks should be numbered


Lets see how many of these are still with us in one months time!


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