[Ardour-Dev] portugese (and other) translators .... important question

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Jan 19 16:03:07 PST 2010

it turns out that we've been doing something a bit wrong with
translations for years. given a language, say portugese (my favorite
in the whole world, btw), and more than one local variant (e.g. pt_PT
or pt_BR), it appears that for gettext to work correctly, we *should*
pick one of the variants and install it not as pt_WHEREVER but as just

at the present time, portugese is the only language for which ardour
has  two variant translations (pt_PT and pt_BR). this means that we
have to pick one as the "standard" and have the other as a variant
that will be used if the used specifically asks for it. i do not want
to start a language war, and i don't see an obvious way to make the
choice between the two of them. so i ask for you help in deciding this
note that both translations will continue to be available - the
question is only about which one is installed as "pt" rather than
"pt_PT" or "pt_BR".


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