[Ardour-Dev] Ardour-Dev Digest, Vol 75, Issue 1

Dick MacInnis macinnisrr at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 20:30:07 PDT 2010

Does anyone know how to convert a ladspa plugin to lv2, but with a custom
gui? I'm interested in making a more user friendly version of the autotalent
0.2 plugin. In fact, what I would actually like to see is some pitch
correction functionality in Ardour itself (like Celemony's Melodyne), as
this function combined with Ardour's current features would make it hands
down the most fuctional DAW out there (especially with Ardour 3's midi
editing).  I think ideally the user could see a piano roll in the automation
tracks for audio files, (notes having been taken from the output in
autotalent, and pitch correction, when turned on, being read from the fixed
pitch input in autotalent). But I digress. I assume that this would be a
large amount of work, and as I have little to no programming experience, I'm
assuming that my first request would be easier. I do have quite a bit of
graphic design experience, so the interface would be no problem, and I have
previously done some visual basic programming, as well as some debugging of
programs written in c. I can write and read scripts, and have compiled many
programs. I have also noticed that in slv2-utils there is a program called
ladspa2lv2 which converts plugins, but have no idea how to work it, or how
to link a custom gui to the plugin once it's been converted.

As it currently stands, one could use automation as it works now to input
the notes to be used in autotalent to do what I describe above, but I think
the average user would find this either tedious or terribly confusing.

thanks for your time,
Dick MacInnis

P.S. Is there any progress with the "conform" function of rhythm ferret?
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