[Ardour-Dev] COMPLETE Pacth to the plugin selector GUI - ardour_2.8 & ardour_3.0

Quentin Harley quentin at harleystudio.co.za
Sat Nov 7 22:10:25 PST 2009

J. Abelardo Gutierrez wrote:
> Hi, again
> I came with another simple but useful modification of the 
> plugin_selector, now I changed the favorite checkbox for a 
> favorite/hide pair of radiobuttons
> so a plugin can have 3 status: normal, favorite or hidden, making it a 
> simple used defined way to blacklist a plugin from the menu. 

Sounds good.  How would you "unblacklist" a plugin that was hidden by 
mistake, for instance.

(I did not see the code in action yet... just thinking of a possible 


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