[Ardour-Dev] French translation

Tinram tinram at orange.fr
Sun Mar 29 09:17:31 PDT 2009

Hi devs,

I sent you an update of the french translation few weeks ago, but it hasn't been
merge in 2.8...
Maybe it's my fault, I didn't introduce myself. So I'am a french Ardour user
since 2.0 who really loves Ardour but who find it's french translation
a bit old and incomplete. I first talked with Christophe Combelles who hasn't got
time to give anymore, so I will do the work now.

Lot's of homogenization and translation have been done, even if there are still few 
things really hard to translate (sometimes because I don't even interstand their behavior...).

I hope it will be include in a future 2.8.1 realese if it's plan to do so... The file is
>200ko so I put it here :



Martin Blanchard 

PS : In the english part, a ")" is missing in gtk2_ardour/editor_actions.cc:137 :
"Playhead to Previous Region Boundary (No Track Selection" <<==

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