[Ardour-Dev] test tarball for 2.8 / Visual state (resolved)

Markus Schwarzenberg schwarzb at ipms.fraunhofer.de
Fri Mar 27 16:07:59 PDT 2009

Paul Davis wrote:

> > Btw: What happened to the visual state saving - i'm still wondering

[ snipped ]

> these actions are bound to key RELEASE, not key press. they take effect
> the key is released, and they cancel the timeout-based mechanism that
was initiated when the key was pressed. at press time, we queue up a
timeout function that will save the current state in 2 seconds. when we
release before the timeout has elapsed, we cancel the timeout, and try
to jump to the relevant view. clear?

AAAh. Stupid me. it never, never came into my mind that it's intended to
wait for some time to save the state. Since otoh i was happy about the
announcement of this functionality i got the impression that it's nearly
there, but not yet completely ready. Finally, now i see....
Btw, it became more complicated since i tried to assign the keys myself,
and of course the keyboard shortcut editor doesn't know of the necessary
<release> attribute of bindings. (*)

Thanks for the kind explanation.


(*) so for other readers: for working visual state operations there must
be <release> bindings in ardour.bindings, for example

(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/Editor/save-visual-state-1" "<Ctrl>F1")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/Editor/save-visual-state-2" "<Ctrl>F2") ...
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/Editor/goto-visual-state-1"
"<release><Ctrl>F1") (gtk_accel_path
"<Actions>/Editor/goto-visual-state-2" "<release><Ctrl>F2")

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