[Ardour-Dev] test tarball for 2.8

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Mar 26 15:05:38 PDT 2009



test compiles, tests, comments invited. release notes shown below. i don't
think there has been much testing of things with SVN recently, this is the


New Features

   * Track Templates
   * Distributable VST support
   * VST preset handling
   * VST chunk handling
   * AudioUnit state & preset handling
   * new playhead-to-{next,previous}-region-boundary variant commands
       that ignores track selection (on Linux, Windows-LeftArrow or
       Windows-RightArrow; on OS X, Ctrl-LeftArrow or Ctrl-RightArrow)
   * New, thoroughly edited Spanish translation
   * New "accurate" crossfade icons

   * Correct handling of Shift- shortcuts on OS X
   * Fix confusion with Ctrl/Cmd/Option on OS X
   * Cmd-, now shows Preferences window on OS X
   * Removing a track/bus that was visible in the editor mixer strip
       causes the editor mixer strip to move to the next track/bus
   * Default click output is dual mono (2 outs), not mono (1 out)
   * Fix ordering of editor & mixer displays when order in the
       other window is changed and sync-editor-mixer-order is enabled.
   * If we attempt to move beyond the current limit of the horizontal
     scrollbar, change its upper limit so that we keep scrolling
     (fixes a bug with playhead tracking beyond the current session
   * Standardize sizing of ComboBoxSelectors throughout the GUI
   * Fix crash when renaming a track after deleting a plugin that had
     a visible GUI/editor window
   * Make "consolidate range" and "bounce range to region list" not
     apply processing to the original audio.
   * Added variants of "consolidate range" and "bounce range"
     which do apply processing.
   * Fix potential for clipping when use Transpose or TimeFX
   * Standardize some menu actions across CD and loop/punch rulers.
     also allow right-click drag to create regions, which may be more
     discoverable than ctrl-click drag because the other rulers
     already use right-click for creating markers
   * "Mute region" shortcut operates on all selected regions
   * Fixes for crossfade clicks
   * Fixes for gcc 4.4
   * Fix crash when sending MIDI feedback with MTC enabled
   * Allow dragging of automation lines
   * Preserve sufficient significant digits when saving automation
     events to disk
   * Quantize shuttle speed changes to whole semitones when shuttle
     in semitone mode
   * Use region sync points correctly for grid and playhead motion
   * Fix subtle bug when playing plugin automation that could
     sometimes lead to crashes and memory corruption
   * Use Vamp 2.0 and Rubberband 1.3 (includes an important fix
     for a potential audible issue when stretching)
   * Fix freeze progress bar display
   * Fix potential crash caused by multithreaded execution of
     plugins while "freezing" a track
   * Make name-click to toggle plugin active state show up via the
     bypass button state in the GUI
   * be willing to load some additional types of AU plugins, including
     AUNetSend and AUNetReceive
   * Context menu-driven operations on ruler bars now cause things to
     be added in the right place (e.g. new markers)
   * Fix a crash that occured while dragging a region after a split

Carl Hetherington, Colin Fletcher, Sampo Savoleinen, Lincoln Spiteri,
Dave Robillard, David Taht, Marcus Schwarzenburg, Ben Loftis, Martin
Profittlich, and Head Grunt Paul Davis
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