[Ardour-Dev] Tranzport Kernel Driver for linux install questions

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Sun Mar 8 10:04:29 PDT 2009

A few more questions/comments:

- Is it possible to leave the "slave mode" of the scroll wheel?

- If "No Grid" + "CD frames" is selected, then scroll moves only one
sample. If I switch to "magnetic" and "CD frames" scroll moves a CD
frame. Switching snap to "seconds" works independently from the snap
mode, i.e., even with "no grid".

- How to set the loop-end marker and punch-out marker?

- Is it possible to configure the time display to show minutes/seconds
(or best any possible time representation) instead of bars/beats?

This is all for now...


David Taht wrote:
>> Is a description of the key mapping available?
> I should sit down and do that, or (preferably) recruit someone to update
> the documentation.
> The best place to get that information right now is in button_events.cc.
> The code is often quite straightforward, for example:
> void
> TranzportControlProtocol::button_event_next_press (bool shifted)
> {
> 	if (shifted) {
> 		next_wheel_mode ();
> 	} else {
> 		next_marker_any ();
> 	}
> }
> Keep doing those git pulls, I have been making changes all the way up to
> an hour or so ago. See the git log for details
>> (in my first try a few questions arose, but they are probably all
>> answered if I knew the key bindings and their expected behaviour).
> There are a few mostly correct documents on the web.
> The biggest differences I can think of right now from those are are:
> 1) the tranzport defaults to "slave mode" where the shuttle is slaved to
> the grid mode on the screen - moving by bars shuttles by bars, moving by
> beats or samples, etc.
> 2) The meaning of shifted-in, shifted-out, and shifted-add and
> shifted-next has changed from whatever is documented on the web.
> 3) There are now means to set loops and punch in ranges. Hitting loop
> enables loop mode, which redefines play, shift-rewind, and shift-ffwd to
> "do the sane thing".
> Holding down loop and then ADD, will put the loop start at the current
> play head location. Shift->loop->add, puts the loop end there.
> Same mostly applies to punch mode, although I have not modified the
> meanings of shift-rewind or shift-ffwd
> I'm still not satisfied with scrub mode...
>> Giso
>> David Taht wrote:
>>> Giso Grimm escribió:
>>>> Hi Mike et al,
>>>> I looked at the issue 2521 for installation of the kernel based
>>>> tranzport driver. I had no problems to compile the kernel driver, and
>>>> test worked perfectly. However, I am confused how to compile the ardour
>>>> driver. Do I have to replace the "libs/surfaces/tranzport" folder of
>>>> ardour by the folder by the "tranzport" folder in your git reository
>>>> "git clone git://git.teklibre.com/home/d/src/git/frontier", and than
>>>> recompile ardour?
>>> No, at present, you patch SConstruct with SConstruct.patch from that bug
>>> report and
>>> In your ardour tree,
>>> mv libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport.old
>>> ln -s wherever_your_git_tree_is/tranzport \ libs/surfaces/frontier/tranzport
>>> sudo scons KERNELTRANZPORT=1 install
>>> I am hot on the trail of making the tranzport driver feature complete at
>>> the moment, more stuff going in this afternoon (it's 8:30 AM my time)
>>> please do a git pull early and often.
>>>> -- Giso
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