[Ardour-Dev] build system, libs, cmdline

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jan 26 03:01:19 PST 2009

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From: "John Rigg"
Subject: Re: [Ardour-Dev] build system, libs, cmdline
> scons --implicit-deps-unchanged
> Don't use it after a CVS update, after unpacking a new tarball or
> if you've changed any dependencies though.
Thanks John.  That might help Jérémy as well as me.  FWIW I now build Ardour
using an IDE called Code::Blocks (as an alternative to scons).  Each time I
do an Ardour upgrade (i.e. a major upgrade) I perform a full scons build but
from that point onwards I build everything in Code::Blocks.  It works really


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