[Ardour-Dev] build system, libs, cmdline

Jérémy Zurcher jeremy at asynk.ch
Mon Jan 26 01:18:13 PST 2009


I'm using ardour with my band to record some ideas while we are on
rehersal. It's great to have such a software running on linux.

This week-end I wanted to add cmdline options like:
    -t default_template_file
    -d working_directory
and add something like a textual description field in the project,
being able to read it before opening the project would be a plus.

but I've been asking myself questions about the *mm libs :
    - why are they embended in the source tree
    - are they modified versions
    - are we tied to a specific version
    - if so, can't we perform version check in the configure process

50 minutes to build libs that are already installed on my box is a great
loss of time.

working within the source tree was a pain for me
    - I update a file, then scons goes trough the configure process,
      walks the uptodate dirs, 1-2 minutes later gcc tells me
      that i have a semantic error, ... I felt asleep in the mean time
    - is there a way to work with scons that I don't know, except
      writting right code only ...

so what about going to cmake ? If it's ok for you I'll do it with
pleasure. If not I would copy the gcc cmdline in a shell script, and use
it to compile my current working file ;)

Best regards

Jérémy Zurcher
rte de Cully 29
1091 Grandvaux
+41 (0) 79 599 84 27

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