[Ardour-Dev] Licensing and enforced payments

MarcO'Chapeau marco at marcochapeau.org
Thu Jan 22 07:03:37 PST 2009

On Thu, 22 Jan 2009 14:43:10 +0100, Jörn Nettingsmeier
<nettings at stackingdwarves.net> wrote:
> John Emmas wrote:
>> Thanks Jan and Patrick,
>> Could I please urge everyone to think quite hard about the SVN option?
>> I entirely understand the initial hostility but if you take the time to
>> think it through, it really is a good (and workable) idea.
> no, i don't agree it's a good idea, and i think the ardour developers
> agree with me.
> one of the greatest strengths of free software is the following
> workflow, which i have encountered time and time again:
> step 1: use the software (i'm adventurous, so that means svn. plus i've
> found that developers are more motivated if you are using what they are
> using.).
> step 2: hit a snag.
> step 3: /join #ardour
> <nettings> hi *!  using ardour-2.0-ongoing. when i do X, then poof. what
> gives?
> <someone> ah, i see. just committed a fix. can you try?
> *nettings checks out and compiles*
> <nettings> someone: you rock. thanks!

While I would be *as of now* willing to pay for SVN, what got me at first
interested in linuxaudio and led me to:

 - develop (only a little, I admit)
 - help beta test ardour 2
 - give a (very little) hand to jack dev
 - actually record some stuff
 - meet great people at LAC
 - become maintainer of our 3 favorite mailing lists


Me getting an account on freenode, logging on #ardour, and trying out the
SVN version of what was to become ardour 2.0. Pretty much what Jörn

I feel that those willing to pay for SVN access would be those who have
already been introduced to this whole new world, and very much the same as
those who are already willing to pay a donation on the website. No chance
for a new audience to the subscriptions here.

I would find interesting to read more about that paid fundraiser idea.


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