[Ardour-Dev] Funding: Build and Sell Hardware

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Wed Jan 21 00:27:18 PST 2009

Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> And sell them via the Ardour online store?
> We are talking about a major commitment to put this all together but 
> it definitely has some merit.
> Running an online store is a full time job. Developing and maintaining 
> an online store is a full time job. 


> Building and shipping pre configured machines is a full time job. 

Boost hardware?  Harley Studio Systems?

> Maintaining a distro is a full time job for 2 people.

64 Studio.com  Their core business is creating and maintaining bespoke 
linux distributions.

> Developing Ardour is a full time job (or 5).

Lets clone Paul - No matter what the American Government think about it...

> We need at least 5 committed parties to make this happen or else 
> someone is going to have to be drinking a lot of red bull. I can get a 
> good supply of the most powerful stuff here in Thailand but I don't 
> drink it myself.

Red bull is a bedtime drink for me - doesn't work anymore


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