[Ardour-Dev] Ardour CD's [was: Re: funding priorities]

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Jan 20 18:41:24 PST 2009

Sean Corbett wrote:
> That seems reasonable.  It will probably be done by the end of
> February.  Specifically what should the licensing be for the track?
> And because IANAL, what would the implications for the band be?  They
> would still be able to sell the song through the regular channels,
> correct?  Also, I would it perhaps be desirable to post the original
> session somewhere for prospective users to check out?

I think the standard license is cc-by-sa. Others have worked on similar 
projects before and will be able to provide more info here.

IMO, ownership of tracks will be retained by the creators. They would 
give Ardour permission to distribute and sell the tracks with all 
proceeds going to development. There would be nothing to stop the band 
releasing the track separately and selling it. Its possible to have 
multiple licenses for a track so there shouldn't be any worries about 
loosing ownership. If necessary we could have a signed contract with 
each contributor stating the above.

The reason I say all proceeds is that it cuts down on administrative 
hassles and maximizes the amount that gets returned to Ardour dev.

I think there would be a lot of people who would be interested in the 
complete session. We could certainly organize some webspace for hosting 
either at ardour.org or a specific seperate location or link an external 

We would need to set up an itunes account for selling the tracks. Does 
anyone have experience with that process? I assume we can sell tracks as 
an individual/company and don't have to be a label.

We should probably also set up a myspace page as it's possible to sell 
on myspace these days.

I know these are not the ideal places from a "philisophical" perspective 
but the point of the exercise is to make money and the best way to do 
that is go where the money is being spent and the biggest crowds are 

We would also need a nice page on ardour.org pointing to the locations 
to purchase the CD.


Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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