[Ardour-Dev] Website integration with Ardour interface

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon Jan 19 22:20:57 PST 2009

Thomas Vecchione wrote:
> It is not only that it goes against the Unix way of doing things, 
> which I am not even sure I would necessarily agree with, but doesn't 
> really matter.  It also goes against the purpose of a DAW in my 
> opinion.  Let me put it another way, in what way would this benefit 
> the workflow of using Ardour?  Because it can be a detriment to the 
> eyes of many users, like I already stated.  And I can't see how it 
> would benefit users or the use of Ardour in that case. 
It's not about using Ardour. It's about getting money to Ardour 
development and specifically enabling Paul to continue working on Ardour.

> Don't get me wrong, it would be a benefit to the developers and draw 
> more attention to getting funding, which I do not think is a bad 
> thing, but I do think that balancing that vs the needs of the desired 
> users as well is a very important balance, and one that is better 
> achieved by having things unrelated to the workflwo of the DAW stay 
> outside of the DAW.
In this case we could make an exception as the possibility of Ardour 
without Paul is pretty much the most undesirable thing I can think of 
for this project.
> But in the end I think you and I are just going to have to agree to 
> disagree.  You seem to have a very different desires than I do, which 
> is your right just as it is mine.  It is up to Paul to decide which he 
> wants to follow with Ardour, if either.

Unless we attempt to take on the hard work for him by discussing the 
options here to try to get to the best solutions possible we are not 
helping him as much as we could do.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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