[Ardour-Dev] funding priorities

Sean Corbett seanbutnotheard at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 08:19:39 PST 2009

I just got done tracking with a band who I could probably convince to
allow one of their tracks to be included on the "Made with Ardour CD",
as they are fairly Linux-minded folk (I've installed and customized
Ubuntu for three of the guys).  Assuming they're OK with it, I'll post
one somewhere for review when we're satisfied with the mix.

One idea that I had that was sort-of covered here, is setting up a
"commercial level subscription", i.e., if you're making money with
Ardour, you should be paying for it.  This could make Ardour's
licensing get a bit hairier, but I've seen a few products do a
GPL-with-commercial-exception type approach before.  Unfortunately I
suspect it would adversely affect Ardour's inclusion in at least some
of the major studio distros, and might force the devs to build
"official" .debs and/or rpms (like the LinuxSampler team does).

Additionally, I wouldn't mind seeing higher priority given to feature
requests and bug reports made by subscribers, especially if commercial
subscriptions were to be implemented (an application of the
paying-for-support idea).  Also, I bet a lot of people would be
willing to pay for "official" VST support, though there could still be
experimental/build-it-yourself free support.  It would have to be a
separate, proprietary add-on, a download available from the "Ardour
store".  And I imagine a dev other than Paul would be the one to
provide it. :)  Perhaps license it from the Muse Receptor folks?

Sean Corbett

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> From: Patrick Shirkey <pshirkey at boosthardware.com>
> Subject: [Ardour-Dev] Ardour CD's
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> Hi,
> Here's a couple of items that relate to compiling CD's
> 1: Made with Ardour CD
> 2: Ardour Live boot CD
> - Item 1 is a music CD with tracks donated or contributed by Musicians
> and producers who use Ardour.  We will need someone to volunteer to
> collate the tracks and approach studios/musicians to get them on board.
> We will need someone to master the CD once it is finished. It may be the
> same person. We will need to find a distribution outlet so that we can
> actually sell the CD and tracks. We could save a lot of hassle by
> putting the final selection on itunes. We will also need a
> License/contract which gives Ardour the right to sell the tracks. Maybe
> CC-by-sa?
> - Item 2 is a Live boot CD with just Ardour running as lean and mean as
> possible which can be sent out to studios and handed out at trade shows.
> We should also make it available for download via the website. Maybe
> also hosted at sf.net to cut down on bandwidth usage and/or distributed
> as a torrent.
> We could get one of the already existing distributors to create it like
> 64 studio or we could make it ourselves. Either way we will need someone
> to spend a fair amount of effort to put it all together and make it work
> so I think an already existing distributor would be most time efficient
> way of rolling it out.
> IMO, it should boot directly into a running Ardour interface to be most
> effective. I will contact Daniel James at 64 Studio now to see if he is
> interested.
> Cheers.
> --
> Patrick Shirkey
> Boost Hardware Ltd.

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