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On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 11:02 PM, Patrick Shirkey <
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> Hi,
> I will try to put together a comprehensive list of all the suggestions in
> no particular order as they all have merit in their own way.
> 1: Grants

Discussed long ago was the concept of an "Ardour Foundation", like the
apache foundation, which would be a 501c. At ardour's current funding level
the expense and hassle of doing that is too much, yet, I have had several
discussions with the companies I deal with about sending a contribution to
ardour (in liu of paying me some % of salary). All have foundered on the tax
deductability issue.

Chicken and egg problem.

3: Fundraiser

Worked once, could work again in the drive for 3.0.

Perhaps a fundraiser concert? (record at LAC?)

6: Made with Ardour CD

Good promotional tool. A "Made with Ardour logo", also. I can gladly
volunteer some of my recordings, but the artists involved would still want
to be paid something.

> 7: Ardour Live boot CD

Ubuntu Studio and Studio 64 are pretty darn good already, IMHO.

> 8: Paid for SVN

Pointless and counterproductive. (besides, I'd like a switch to git)

> 9: Paid License to: disable crippled interface, Get access to more
> features, Disable RSS ticker

This incrementalism would help in the short term and hurt in the long term.

> 10: Glossy brochure for trade shows
> 11: Advertising in industry magazines

I will definitely argue that this sort of stuff is what helped put firefox
over the top towards public acceptance. I am so tired of the "why you aren't
using protools? We can only use protools" sort of blindness that is only
cured via advertising and other massaging mediums.

I would also argue that a booth at NAMM for example, might help.

> 12: Celebrity endorsement
> 13: Approaching State run media companies with Ardour as a industry grade
> product.

Interesting. I imagine the BBC has it's own special requirements.

> 14: Funding from a well resourced Patron

I keep hoping a free software supported band will make it big.

> 15: Funding from a Company in the entertainment/media business


> 16: More subscriptions
> 17: Subscriptions at different rates.
> * Please respond to this thread with new or missed suggestions only.

Obviously I missed a meeting... and by the time I got to this statement I'd
already invested time into commenting....

18. Paul moves to the third world, and sells his children.

> * In order to make speedy headway we should split the items off into groups
> that can be discussed and dealt with in separate threads.

Nobody so far is quite doing that. I would argue for reposting the final
brainstorm, one suggestion per email heading, in order to keep it sane.

Second item is to call for volunteers for each group, loudly....

> * IMO, Everything on this list except the 8 and 9 should are reasonable and
> should be put into action without delay. 8 and 9 require serious discussion
> before they any work is started.

I rather think that all of 8 and most of 9 are not feasible and will result
in another endless pointless licensing discussion.

> * Once we have fine tuned the implementation details we can present the
> results for each item to Paul for his final approval.
> * If we can get the list above actioned in the next 6 months we should
> start to see substantial improvements in the financial situation.

Wow, 6 months to get all that done. Cool. I would enjoy trying to get a
brochure together it would be a nice change from audio.

> * As usual we should try to keep on topic with each thread ;-) Although
> going off topic is half the fun anyway...
> Cheers.
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