[Ardour-Dev] funding priorities

schoappied schoappied at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 07:35:50 PST 2009

Florian Faber wrote:
>> 2) Change licences, commercial version, for example:
>> - Linux version is GPL and free
>> - make a payed version for Mac (and Windows)
>> - Make a free demo version (SAE-version?) for Mac (and Windows)
> Not a good idea. GPL is GPL stays GPL.
The makers of the software having the right to release their software 
with the license they want...

You could think of a GPL license for use with GPL software, e.g. in 
Linux and another license for the use with proprietary software e.g. Mac 
and Windows. Didn't have Qt something like this... (they changed it to 
LGPL recently btw).

They problem with GPL software, it's hard to make money with the 
software itself. If you want it, you got build payed services around it...


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