[Ardour-Dev] funding priorities

Florian Faber faber at faberman.de
Mon Jan 19 07:11:26 PST 2009


> I miss:
> 1) earn money with services, not with software
> - payed support
> - giving lectures | about using ardour | about writing audio software

This would also give the ardour community a possibility to earn something (and 
give something to the ardour 'foundation'), yes. I thought about it some time 
ago, too, and these were my findings:

   1.  subscription: For the advances hobbyist/small business professional. A 
monthly fee without obligations, but for a lot of good karma.
   2. fan gear: Micropayment shares from spreadshirt.net (for europe) and 
zazzle.com (u.s.)
          * create european mirror for ardour
          * create shop in spreadshirt.net 
   3. institutional deals: installations in universities, educational 
institutes, etc. Comes with support.
          * create list of institutions already using ardour
          * create list of institutions to contact
          * organize campus tours 
   4. professional deals: individual/company setups with support
   5. charge for precompiled packages, e.g. for OS X
   6. corporate deals: Preinstalled systems/appliances 

> 2) Change licences, commercial version, for example:
> - Linux version is GPL and free
> - make a payed version for Mac (and Windows)
> - Make a free demo version (SAE-version?) for Mac (and Windows)

Not a good idea. GPL is GPL stays GPL.

The other problem is to keep the people interested. The number of downloads 
doesn't correspond to the number of users, somehow.

Machines can do the work, so people have time to think.
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