[Ardour-Dev] Alsa works, Ardour/Jack fails

Mike Mazarick mazarick at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 13 04:59:28 PST 2009

> > If there is another app which uses Jack to test this situation...
> alsaplayer -o jack somefile.wav

I am testing with CCRMA audio distro.   It doesn't include alsaplayer.
However, I downloaded it and compiled it.
The results when trying to play a system wav file after starting qjackctl at
44100 is:

[mazarick at localhost ~]$ alsaplayer -o jack
/usr/share/sounds/KDE_Beep_RingRing.wav &
[3] 24573
[mazarick at localhost ~]$ jack_client_new: deprecated
jack: running interface at 0 instead of 44100
failed to configure output device...trying OSS
error opening /dev/dsp
Failed to initialize plugin!
Failed to register plugin: /usr/local/lib/alsaplayer/output/liboss_out.so
failed to load output plugin (jack). exitting...  

> or there are several other mp3 players too like amarok and possibly
> there is also a jack_play app for testing. Or you could wrap aplay with
> the jack wrapper app but I currently forget it's name.

If there is something that is already in place with Fedora or CCRMA, it
would be preferable, of course.
It would be very easy to fall into the 'interleaved/non-interleaved'/
16,24,32 bit / '44100hz/48000 hz' trap and spend all the time debugging new

Most of what is already there 'just works' and is good for testing.
Almost everything that isn't "already there" requires some thought/effort to
make it work.

> Definitely. Several people have advanced setups like the above.

This is great news. 

> >>  ... You could also try running them in sync with netjack.

Would this work on the same system?   I'm currently using hardware sync

> >  ... I make it a point to remove all pulseaudio stuff
(comment:   I also get rid of the firewall/PAM stuff while debugging)
> plughw is the software managed hw interface for alsa which may allow
> smoother operations with multiple devices as one device setup whihc you
> are using.
> ex
> jackd -d alsa -d plughw:0 -r 44100 -n2 -p 1024

Great explanation.   Thanks.

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