[Ardour-Dev] Alsa works, Ardour/Jack fails

Mike Mazarick mazarick at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 13 03:44:05 PST 2009

Geoff wrote:

> what cards Mike?
Gadget Labs.   An old 8 channel 24 bit, 48khz card designed around 1998.
They have a 2 pin 'sync cable and a master/slave arrangement. 
> I run 4 C-Ports as one using an asoundrc file to link them together into a
multi array using the alsa multi plugin. 
> The cards must clock off a master via spdif,AES/EBU or Toslink. 
> Otherwise crash city with lots of whitenoise thrown in for good
measure....you are syncing the cards together?

Good to know what happens when the cards you are using are not in sync.
Yes the cards are in sync as far as I know, but your pointer tells me it's
time to break out the o'scope and look at the signal.   
It's had a 15 year break anyway.

> check out John Riggs' brilliant site

Good site!! Thanks for the tip. Geoff.  Looks like someone else has worked
thru this.   I really appreciate your help.

-Mike Mazarick

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