[Ardour-Dev] Midi communications problems

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Tue Feb 3 06:17:55 PST 2009

Hi ardour midi devs,

I am now trying to find the problem of long standing bug 0002419 myself, 
and I have a hypothesis on the cause of the problem.

The Midi control surface feedback code (General_Midi) is working very 
well on its own.  So is the MTC send code.  Both work without fail  even 
with other midi being transmitted over the same port.

When both are enabled at the same time, transport is running (MTC is 
sending) and I touch the faders in the ardour mixer with the mouse, I 
get complaints about "Session: cannot send quarter-frame MTC message" 
whereafter ardour segfaults.

I have a backtrace and the output of kmidimon posted on Mantis.
My idea is that it may be sharing code to actually send the data, and 
when it does at the same time the program fails.

C'mon, there is even a small reward for the person that solves this...


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