[Ardour-Dev] code review time!

Taybin Rutkin taybin at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 5 18:56:56 PST 2009

After working on getting ardour3 compiling on osx, I was led to a  
couple probable bugs by the extra compiler warnings on the apple gcc  
compiler.  These two were the most serious:

1) Manager::add_port() - this will almost certainly cause a crash.   
Port *port is accessed in the for-loop before it is set.  Initializing  
port to 0 isn't good enough.  This needs a rethinking, based on  
whatever this code is supposed to do.

2) MidiRegionView::trim_note - not sure what will happen, but if  
front_delta is 0, then new_start is undefined.  It'd probably be good  
to take a look at new_length's lifetime as well.


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