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Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 10:17:05 PDT 2009

Any DVCS is going to have many advantages on the client end.  However Git,
bzr, and Mercurial can all use SVN as the server and still provide those
advantages, and in fact that is what many devs are currently doing.  Off
hand I know there is code in waf to handle builds from git and from bzr


On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 11:38 AM, John Emmas <johne53 at tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jörn Nettingsmeier"
>> afaik, no. but that's why the ardour devs have switched to waf in 3.0,
>> iiuc...
>>  Thanks Jörn.  Incidentally, that reminds me....  some time ago I heard
> that
> git was being considered as an alternative to subversion.  Is that still
> the
> case?  I read something somewhere which seemed to suggest that git wasn't
> altogether reliable at undoing changes (e.g. getting a working copy
> reliably
> back to a previous revision).  If that's true, it seems like a good reason
> to avoid it.  What were the perceived improvements of git over subversion?
> John.
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