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On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 06:04:35PM -0500, Mike Mazarick wrote:

> Maybe we should forgo the public embarrassment and just do the drawing and
> quartering of the evil perpetrator instead.
> We may find it more entertaining.
> Probably something we could do under a full moon while dressed in dark robes
> with a bag full of 'devices' should be appropriate enough punishment to
> avoid the public humiliation of the victim.  A little private humiliation
> instead would be ok.

I disagree profoundly. What you suggest would be tribal
or sectarian justice, KKK-style, and something I can't

If you have any 'official' authorithy over the person
involved, then things can be kept behind closed doors.

If not, there are two possibilities. If the person
you want to admonish recognises your authority, be
it informal, then again things can be kept private.
In the other case, which is the most probable, the
only option is to denounce him/her publicly. How much
this implies humiliation depends mostly on the involved
person's perception.

Regarding JM's suggestion: as part of my efforts
to learn Italian, I've been reading Machiavelli's
'Il Principe' in the original language, which has
not changed very much since the time that text was
written. Following his advice, to be sure of the 
result you need also to exterminate the complete
family and offspring of the culprit.



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