schoappied schoappied at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 08:16:17 PST 2008

Quentin Harley wrote:
> schoappied wrote:
>> But the essence of it was that public humiliation  can never be 
>> justified imho.
> Public humiliation is a tried and proven technique, used by mothers 
> all over the world with great effect for thousands of years.
I don't think you find many psychologist or pedagogics  today, who will  
agree with your statement...  It does rather harm then good.

> You must be new around here.
> Paul has a style that cannot be described as Political correct 
> "Professionalism", but he gets the job done, and done well.
> Yes, his humour can be a bit on the dry side, and he may even be blunt 
> at times.
> So what.
> The world is in the mess it is because people are just too afraid to 
> say what is on their minds.
My comment was not about Paul or political correctness , it was about 
that specific statement in the packager_readme.


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