[Ardour-Dev] waveform display for master track

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Mon Nov 17 21:49:34 PST 2008

Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Make a "Master" Track. Set it to record from master out l/r, rec enable
> and press play/record. Wait for session to be recorded. look at master
> peak file for level issues, adjust levels, re-record... 
> These steps could be automated and made a preference. There is also room
> to make this dynamic and less demanding of disk space by only generating
> a peak file and not the whole wave file aswell.

You mean like a kind of macro - could work...

>> Ardour is not simply a DJ tracking tool (even though it is very useful 
>> as one)  Its primary goal of use is as a professional DAW, which it 
>> performs very well at the moment. 
> It's very useful as a mixing environment. IMO it's the best open source
> environment for mixing tracks/sessions/sound tracks.

Never mind open source.  In my mind it knocks the socks of quite a few 
commercial DAW's...

>>  Please do not waste any processing 
>> power generating some graphical representation of an output that will 
>> most likely be false, and take a lot of resources to generate.
> Some time spent on this feature will save a lot of people a lot of time
> in the future.

I was referring to my time, not to mention the ardour developers' 
time...  I do not want to wait for some background operation to complete 
some aesthetic function while I could be doing something useful with 
that processing power.

>> Hard disk space is cheap, time is not.

As long as the feature is not default, it is fine by me.  It just should 
not hamper the performance of ardour in any way.


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