[Ardour-Dev] Dutch translation

Eivind meinmycell-lists at yahoo.no
Wed May 21 02:04:24 PDT 2008

> > About the suggestion Harold made below:
> > 
> > He suggested that it isn't required to change all
> technical terms, as
> > most people using the software will know what it means
> anyway. Does
> > this philosophy fit into the ardour way of thinking?
> yes.

This way of translating will of course have different effects on different languages. Personnaly, I think that not translating technical terms gives a confusing and inconsequent interface, at least for my language. The impression to me would be that the translator hadn't finished his job. I understand the argument that English terms make searching for help easier, and that most people already know the English terms, but I would put the overall program interface first. A good and complete translation can actually be self-explainable, and should always provide a cohesive, friendly and consequent interface.

I find it difficult to believe that I am doing something wrong by translating technical terms, but I am open to suggestions, especially if my thoughts contradict the Ardour way of thinking.

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