[Ardour-Dev] [Ardour-Users] careful testing requested

Emmanuel Saracco esaracco at free.fr
Thu May 8 02:17:43 PDT 2008


[SVN 2.0-ongoing]

I do not know if it is relative to theses changes but now the meter 
marks are sometimes unusable.

The effect is: bars between marks suddenly appears to be more than there 
were (two marks with 3 bars between becomes two marks with 5 bars 
between, and so one).

To reproduce it (it seems that it appened under certain conditions, not 
always), create some meter marks and move them forward or backward. If 
you can not reproduce it, tell me and I will send you my ardour session 
file (it always appened with this one).

Very strange indeed... It is the first time I see that with Ardour.


Paul Davis a écrit :
> current svn has some changes to add a new feature - saved visual states.
> adding this disturbed some old and rather confusing/hacky code relating
> to making sure that when loaded, sessions are displayed with the same
> visible tracks/busses as when they were saved.
> i'd appreciate it if current svn (2.0-ongoing) users could check that
> the behaviour has remained as it used to be - hide some tracks, save,
> reload and/or restart. 
> i have done my own testing, but there are many more actual possible
> cases here than i can evaluate on my own.

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