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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Thu Jul 10 08:08:05 PDT 2008

Paul Davis wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-07-10 at 15:51 +0200, Robin Gareus wrote:
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>> John Emmas wrote:
>>>> [..]
>>> Another feature that's common on the top-end DAW's is the ability to have a
>>> 'default' edit for a recorded clip (commonly used so that when you spot a
>>> clip, it always starts and ends at a known place within the audio).  I'm
>>> pretty certain this isn't yet available with Ardour but it's immensely
>>> useful, both for music use and sound-for-picture.
>> This is a feature I've been missing in ardour for quite a while. yet an
>> easy workaround is to batch search&replace "<Region [^>]* name=XX [^>]*
>> position=" in the .ardour session file.. ;)
> I am still unclear as to what feature is being discussed here.

The idea is to move an audio-track to a specific start position and be
able to re-align it repeatedly. the use-case to synchronize sound-tracks
or recordings. it would be nice to have a simple method to re-align
chunks of audio to some initial (or default) timecode as well.

Maybe this is already possible, and I'm not aware of it - that's why I
asked before making a feature-request ;) - thanks for the quick reply.

>> should we make a feature request out of these:
>>   * popup-dialog to edit start/end/duration time of a region
> Already exists.

the region-editor in ardour2 misses an option to specify an offset where
to start in the audio-clip. - maybe I'm missing something on how to
cut/edit chunks by numbers with ardour.

>>     (calc shift,offset to/from clip, reset region to clip-values)
> Not sure what these mean.

audio-chunks that have been cut from a region should /inherit/ the
region's timecode. - maybe they already do? how can I make use of it?

Sometimes I end up dragging regions and moving chunks around and it'd be
nice to restore their initial position or duration.

A popup-dialog or menu could allow to select different modes:
 - cut a region from the original source for this absolute position
 - reposition this chunk of audio so that it's timecode matches
   the timecode (or offset) from the souce file. - optionally retain the
   absolute start or end position of the chunk.
maybe the latter is enough, the former can already be achieved with a
few extra clicks and the region-editor.

now that I think of it: it may be possible with a few marks, and cursor
jumps and "align-relative"..  but this is just brainstorm.

>>   * move region to default position on right-click-menu
> Alread exists.

Is it called "nudge-by-capture-offset" ?

>>   * insert clip as new track using default position
> Already exists.
>>   * popup-dialog to set/edit the default position for a clip/source.
> Don't know what this means. If it means editing the BWF header, pretty
> dubious. I'd need some convincing that this was a good idea. Note that
> file formats like WAV have no support for position.

The ardour session could /fake/ BWF headers for file-formats which don't
support it, and allow to edit/override the information. yes it's a bit
dubious. Are there any standalone BWF header editors/generators around?
- will ardour re-load the header-information on restart or would that
need to be done before importing the audio?

so long,

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