[Ardour-Dev] Replacing property values in a Session State file.

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jan 26 11:13:34 PST 2008

Hi Paul,

Some time ago I reported this issue in Mantis:-


It occurs in the pbd branch in libs/pbd/xml++.cpp.  Essentially, if you
remove an XML property using XMLNode::remove_property() it isn't freeing up
the memory that got allocated in the first place by XMLNode::add_property().
I wondered if there should be a function 'remove_property_and_delete()'
along the same lines as 'remove_nodes_and_delete()' ?   (or maybe
'XMLNode::remove_property()' should just free the memory anyway).

Also (in view of that problem) is there any way to change a property's value
without re-using XMLNode::add_property() ?   I couldn't see anything like
'XMLNode::set_property()' or 'XMLNode::replace_property()' etc, but it never
does any harm to ask....



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