[Ardour-Dev] 2.4 lock edit issue

Guillaume Pellerin yomguy at altern.org
Sun Apr 6 16:17:55 PDT 2008

Paul Davis a écrit :
>> A few more bugs :
>> - a CTRL+Z doesn't place a region at its original state when it has been dragged
> fixed. this is a bad one that probably means 2.4.1 is needed.


>> - can't just _link_ a WAV file when imported
> Check Options -> Misc Options -> Always copy imported files

That's better indeed ! But, like Fons, I think this option should be preferably 
unchecked by default in the menu. Copying a full track in the session dir is 
more a voluntary and minded action than inserting any other 'linked' track for 
daily testing, previewing, etc... Anyway, this can be easily set back using a 
private default session.

>> - can't 'Import to region list' after one has been imported before
> Cannot reproduce. Suspect user error or crappy GUI design.

All right, sorry ! I didn't select the track before. But it would be nice, I 
think, to get the track selected even when clicking one in the arrange, outside 
any region. Now, I can only select it from the left column...

>> - no automatic crossfade between regions when superimposed.
> Works here.

My regions weren't opaques but the pb disapeared after deleting my ~/.ardour2
Thanks !


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