[Ardour-Dev] Region "Lock Position" feature

Dan Tepper soundman at wintaper.com
Sun Sep 30 10:05:44 PDT 2007

Back in May, I had requested/proposed a "Lock Position" feature for
regions (see below). I saw a post from Paul indicating he had written
the code and added it to the SVN trunk (see below).

I pulled down that version at that time and did indeed see the feature,
but the SVN release did not work properly for me and I went back to the
"stable" releases. I assumed the feature would be available soon enough.

I just downloaded version 2.1 and I was a bit disappointed that this
feature still isn't included. I'm not really up on the differences
between "stable" "ongoing" and "svn" from a development standpoint, but
considering Paul implemented the feature in one day, I don't understand
why 5 months later its still not available in an official release.

Dan Tepper wrote:
> I've been using Ardour a quite a bit. Excellent program. Over the last 2
> years there are two features I keep wishing for on almost every project
> I work on. Just curious to see if anyone else thinks these would be of
> use to the general public...
> 1. Drag-Lock: Similar to the current region "lock", Drag-Lock would
> allow all operations on a region except dragging. This would assure that
> multitrack sessions stay in sync. You would sill be able to
> trim/edit/split regions, but accidental dragging would be prevented.
> This could be added to the context menu for regions. Perhaps call it
> "Lock Position" ?
> 2. In "narrow strip" mode on the mixer window, it would be nice to show
> the current high-water peak in the edit box instead of the current fader
> position (at least when recording). I record 26 tracks at once - but I
> have to leave them all in wide mode because I need to see the highest
> peak - which means I need to scroll horizontally to monitor everything.
> Perhaps allow me to right-click the box and choose between the two.
> I'm guessing #1 is not that tough to implement, dunno about #2.
> thoughts?
> -dan

On Mon, 2007-05-14 at 09:54 -0400, John Russell wrote:
> > On 5/14/07, Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> wrote:
>> > > On Mon, 2007-05-14 at 00:36 -0400, Dan Tepper wrote:
>>> > > > I've been using Ardour a quite a bit. Excellent program. Over
the last 2
> > ...
>>> > > > "Lock Position" ?
>> > >
>> > > nice idea. i'll implement this in trunk today. just because  ;)
>> > >
> >
> > Wow, now that's service!

committed to SVN trunk. it might or might not show up in 2.0-ongoing,
not sure yet. thanks for the suggestion.


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