[Ardour-Dev] Ardour 2.1 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Sep 28 11:10:28 PDT 2007

Ready to make music on those long nights after the clocks change up
north? Ready to make music in the bright summer evenings down south?
Ardour 2.1 squeaks out in time for both hemispheres to enjoy it. A few
brand new features, including native (X11-free) OS X support, and a
heap of important bug fixes, are there to make the upgrade worth your
time. Source code is available as usual:


A DMG for the X11 OS X version will follow shortly and there will also
be a Tiger/Intel-only OS X native package in the next day or three.

Because there will be people who did not upgrade from 2.0, the list
below includes not just changes from 2.0.5, but an overview of what
has changed since 2.0. I hope that Ardour subscribers and supporters
are happy with the progress since the start of the summer.

!!NOTE!! One or more of the minor GUI fixes listed below will not take
effect unless you remove your ~/.ardour2/ardour2_ui.conf file.

  Brand New Features not present in previous minor releases

    * "native" OS X support
        * no need for X11 anymore.
        * built using the GTK-OSX port of GTK to Quartz/Cocoa
        * to compile this on OSX, please read 
    * new import dialog
        * better auditioning
        * better presentation of options
        * resampling quality control

    * new JACK control dialog
        * if you don't want to use qjackctl and don't require
           and external JACK patcher (i.e. "Let me just run Ardour,
           dammit!") this dialog will you configure JACK. It only
           appears (as a tab in the new session dialog) if JACK
           is not running when Ardour is started.
    * mouse scrubbing 
        * switch to mouse audition mode
        * button1-press and drag

    * separate MMC device ID's for send & receive
    * range context menus modified for greater clarity and simplicity
    * crossfades involving transparent regions now work appropriately
    * click or drag in rulers works better
    * update click data when sample rate changes
    * provide limits to in-memory undo history depth
    * provide limits to saved undo history depth 
    * optionally tie editor & mixer display order together
    * provide GUI control for timecode-slave-is-synced
    * make Ctrl-w close any dialog
    * generate peakfiles for embedded files asynchronously
    * metering now works more appropriately with no inputs
    * big clock is always on top
    * reduce memory usage during I/O from multichannel audio files
    * change window visibility during startup
    * use new translation domains, to avoid ardour 0.99 and ardour 2.X 
         from colliding when installed in parallel
    * new option (only-copy-imports) to avoid creating sessions that \
        reference external audio files (i.e. all audio is either native,
        copied or hard-linked into the session)
    * retain MIDI control information for plugin parameters
    * auto-reconnect ALSA sequencer MIDI ports at startup

  New Features in previous minor releases (2.0.1-2.0.5)
    * add Theme Manager, including new "light" theme
    * support for 16 bit native file format
    * add delta-cursor option from trunk (allows clock to display the 
        gap between the edit+playback cursors)
    * massively increase automation resolution
    * stop audio clocks from vanishing when turned off
    * plugin selection dialog now has filtering by name, type, author 
        and more
    * permit GUI user-driven add/remove of MIDI ports
    * alternate file name filters for the soundfile browser (allow user 
        to see all files, not just guesses at audio files)
    * switch monitoring default to external
    * add declicking xfades when looping
    * new denormal handling options, including both DC bias and 
        processor feature choices
    * Added/improved the ability to record while the transport is 
        looping. This works for both Internal (seamless) and JACK sync, 
        new regions are created each cycle around the loop and stacked 
        on top of each other. It is recommended for now that automatic 
        crossfades be turned off when doing this. Punch-In/Out may be 
        used also.
    * added basic support for the Griffin Powermate "big knob+button" 
        controller (Linux only, for now). 

  Brand New Fixes not present in older minor releases (2.0.1-2.0.5)

    * avoid multiple backups of 0.99 session states
    * numerous fixes for Mackie Control support, including throttling 
       its MIDI output
    * don't confuse physical JACK MIDI ports with audio ones
    * fix crash when using mouse-button + keyboard-key combinations
    * fix crash when starting Ardour on Linux without the ALSA 
       sequencer loaded
    * fix for transparent active region gain line
    * fix crash on OS X when auditioning
    * general fix for LADSPA plugins that are sensitive to the ordering 
        of activate/deactivate calls (e.g. TAP Echo)
    * button2 clicks on redirects now ignore NumLock
    * fix naming error for peakfiles that caused multichannel regions 
        to show duplicated waveforms in the GUI
    * fix for crash in OSC thread when it generated an error/warning 

  Fixes present in older minor releases (2.0.1-2.0.5)  

    * code builds on OS X and older Linux systems (side-effect: reduced 
         memory utilization by automation data)
    * font sizes parametized (to allow easier maintainance of themes) 
         on OSX & Linux
    * crash revealed by GTK+ 2.11 (unstable new version of GTK) fixed 
    * protect ardour from sessions with errant capture sources stored 
         in the (pending) session state. This was a major bug that has 
         affected many people over the last several releases. It is now 
    * fix for radio grouping of subframes menu options
    * fix crossfade editor-induced crashing
    * safeguard against false disk underruns when punching in
    * correctly save user-modified keybindings to 
    * correct middle button bindings on redirect names
    * fix use of .ardour rather than .ardour2 for VST presets
    * correct problems with redirect/insert dialogs being invisible
    * correctly manage video sync state
    * allow L and R as possible audio file suffixes
    * allow middle-click pasting in several dialogs
    * fix diskstream deletion crash after track removal
    * fix crashes caused by clicking in region list when there is no 
        associated region for that line
    * better default buttons+icons for crossfade editor
    * move clock modes from submenu to top level
    * stop undo/redo from duplicating plugins and more
    * fix audio clock keypress/release handling
    * fix most problems with dragging close to 2^32-1 samples
    * crossfade editor usability improvements
    * fix for crash on ctrl-middle click in regions
    * fixed the stuttering/stuck problem when looping with JACK sync
    * fixed gui bug that prevented record-disable when latch record 
         option is on
    * fixed issue where it would rec-enable unnecessarily when passing 
         through the punch-out point
    * fixed corner case in diskstream record length (that no one would 
         ever notice) 
    * Fix crash bug when loading a new session into an existing Ardour 
    * Fix crash bug #1637, occuring when using Ctrl-drag to copy regions
    * Fix naming-related issue when adding multiple busses at the same 
    * On OS X, explicitly check for X11 and JACK, and if missing post a 
         dialog before exiting
    * Fix problems on OS X when the Ardour application was installed 
        somewhere beneath a folder containing a space in the name. This 
        (amazingly) appears to the user by showing all text as black 
    * Make sure plugin GUI's appear on top of the editor and other
    * Enable clicks on plugins/inserts/send names to work even when 
        numlock is engaged.

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