[Ardour-Dev] MTC bug: Think I got it!

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Mon Oct 8 04:53:30 PDT 2007

This is it!
> My feeling is that the control signals interrupt the MTC somehow.  When 
> I move the fader, a control signal goes from my board to Ardour, and 
> ardour sends the control back for the moved and any linked channels.  

The linked channels!  I started using linked channels in ardour to do 
groupings, because when I use groupings on the mixer, the movement would 
sometimes stick - same feeling as the "Fighting controller" bug we had a 
while back.  When I disable the linking of channels in Ardour, and do it 
on my mixer, the errors go away!!!  Movement is just sticky now, but 
that is another problem.

> The channels moved on the board then send confirmation back.  Quite a 
> bit of noise on Midi...  If MTC does not take some priority, the control 
> signals could swamp it.

I am sure that you could now recreate the problem...  I'll still see if 
I can hack at the code, but what may be a week for me could be a few 
minutes for you.  Helps if you know the code!

Thanks for your efforts,

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