[Ardour-Dev] The ignored bug...

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Sat Oct 6 22:02:56 PDT 2007

Paul Davis wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-10-05 at 22:59 +0200, Quentin Harley wrote:
>> Hi list
>> I have asked many times, opened tickets, and still I get no reply.
>> I have a Midi enabled Mixer, and I control my Ardour mixer though it.  
>> It can use MTC as well, and it worked very well in 0.9x versions of Ardour.
>> When I use MMC and MTC together, I get the following message, hundreds 
>> of times when I move a fader on my board. 
>> [ERROR]: Session: cannot send quarter-frame MTC message (Bad address)
>> If I continue, Ardour just clutches out and quits.
>> Has anyone even looked at the ticket yet?
>> Sorry if I sound a bit down, but I love Ardour, and use it for all my 
>> recording work.  This little bug just stuffs around my work flow, and I 
>> cannot go back to 0.9x any more :-(
>> I'll try creating a backtrace, and will send it on if anyone is interested.
> i've looked at it. i have no way to replicate it. i can't offer any
> comments on it as a result. debugging an issue like this is hard,
> requires lots and lots of recompilation, adding debugging output etc
> etc. It can't be done via email or a forum, only IRC, and even then, its
> a big enough issue that you'd need to hit me "at the right time" there.
> i should just check: have you double checked 2.1 for the same error?
> --p

Hi Paul,

Thanks for looking into it.
I am busy compiling 2.1 to check.  (takes me a while between jobs ;-) 
Will let you know.

If you need an exact copy of what I was using up until now, it is 
available in the 64studio testing repository.
Perhaps you could chat to Free if you need to find the configuration of 
the build...


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