[Ardour-Dev] Region "Lock Position" feature

Dan Tepper soundman at wintaper.com
Mon Oct 1 17:44:49 PDT 2007

So, if you don't "backport" it, what release is will it be included in?
You've already written it(!)

Paul Davis wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-09-30 at 13:05 -0400, Dan Tepper wrote:
>> Back in May, I had requested/proposed a "Lock Position" feature for
>> regions (see below). I saw a post from Paul indicating he had written
>> the code and added it to the SVN trunk (see below).
>> I pulled down that version at that time and did indeed see the feature,
>> but the SVN release did not work properly for me and I went back to the
>> "stable" releases. I assumed the feature would be available soon enough.
>> I just downloaded version 2.1 and I was a bit disappointed that this
>> feature still isn't included. I'm not really up on the differences
>> between "stable" "ongoing" and "svn" from a development standpoint, but
>> considering Paul implemented the feature in one day, I don't understand
>> why 5 months later its still not available in an official release.
> time is the only reason. 
> although we planned to backport several things from trunk (unstable) to
> 2.0-ongoing, it was never our intent to backport everything that was
> done there (in some cases, it would be impossible).
> in this particular case, i've just been too busy with work relating to
> the OS X native version, and other features relating to the SAE version,
> to think about back-porting this from trunk to 2.0-ongoing. 
> once we hit the 2nd half of october, my focus will shift towards
> "reintegrating" what is currently in trunk and 2.0-ongoing (where lots
> and lots of changes have been implemented). i can't promise that it will
> be backported then either, but it might.
> --p

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