[ardour-dev] another offending session

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue May 15 04:44:07 PDT 2007


I've built a recent SVN version and I've run into a problem with a 
particular session (though it may indicate a general issue).

First, when I open the session I see that no Time source is selected. 
The menu is blank, which is a curiosity since there is no blank selection.

If I leave the timing source at the blank default or if I set it to 
Internal, when I start Play nothing happens. The Play button lights up, 
but the play cursor doesn't move. I have to click the Stop button twice 
to halt the non-playback. If I switch the timing source to JACK the 
playback curosr moves, but I get no audio. Yes, the tracks are correctly 

Oh, and just to complicate things: I can play a selected area with no 

Is it possible that I've hit a memory lock problem ? The offending 
session makes use of some large soundfiles, so where/how would I test 
for a memlock issue ?

I've attached the session, hopefully someone can guide me to a solution.

There may also be a more general problem with the Internal time source 
with other sessions, I'll check that out more thoroughly today.

Ardour2 SVN 1801, GCC 4.1, 64Studio w. kernel 2.6.18, AMD64



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