[ardour-dev] User Interface Suggestion -- Menu Command Buffer

Patrice Levesque ardour-dev.wayne at ptaff.ca
Sat Jun 9 00:45:47 PDT 2007

> Many times, I feel that having to drag over a mouse to a drop down
> menu and move down to the correct menu takes too much time and
> distracts me. By the time I reach the menu, my mind has drifted off to
> something else for a moment.

Feels the same for me in most point'n'grunt applications.

Though your “command mode” idea interests me, meanwhile you can use
good'ol GTK+ incantations to rebind menu entries to keyboard shortcuts.

(Dunno if these instructions are GNU/Linux-centric; assuming you use

	- Make sure there is a 
		gtk-can-change-accels = 1
	  line in your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file;

	- Start ardour;

	- While hovering above a menu entry (let's say “Export session to
	  audiofile”, press a key combo (like Ctrl-Shift-Z or whatever
	  unused combination).  From now on, Ctrl-Shift-Z will bring the
	  export audiofile dialog.  Use backspace to remove a binding from a

These settings can also be changed in ardour.bindings (located in
/etc/ardour2/ on my system, ymmv).

Though you won't attain perfect keyboard bliss, you might just save a
couple minutes every day.

Maybe your main idea belongs more in libgtk than in ardour; would be
nice to be able to do "Ctrl-X blur" in gimp :)

        Patrice Levesque
        ardour-dev.wayne at ptaff.ca
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