[ardour-dev] Creating sound files

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Jun 4 07:01:10 PDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-06-04 at 13:15 +0000, John Emmas wrote:
> I'm just re-sending this because my ISP informed me this morning that some
> of my sent emails from last week failed to get delivered.  Apologies if
> you've already seen it...!
> In the next couple of weeks I'll have reached the stage (with my AAF import
> stuff) where I need to process the audio (i.e. load up the audio clips from
> an AAF file and generate discrete source clips that an Ardour project can
> use (e.g. WAV files).  I gather that this kind of thing is supported through
> libsndfile - but I've never used it.  I wondered if there are any existing
> modules where I could find some examples of how libsndfile gets used (let's
> say when creating sound files or converting from one type of sound file to
> another).

you don't use libsndfile. you use tools that use libsndfile. ardour
itself uses libsndfile to read+write audio files, as do most other fine
audio applications for linux (and these days, for windows and os x

at the code level, to read an existing audio file, ardour just creates a
new SndFileSource object, passing it a path to the file. to create a new
audio file, we create a new SndFileSource object, passing it certain
parameters like bit depth, sample rate and so forth.

again though,i can see no reason why you'd be writing any code to do
this. ardour's stores and loads its state from XML, all that is needed
is an appropriate XML node in a statefile.

> Also - I might have asked this before - but is there a standard folder where
> Ardour expects its media files to be located?

all ardour's captured audio ends up in:


same thing for anything that is imported. embedded files on the same
filesystem end up with a hard link in that directory as well, other
embedded files can be anywhere on the filesystem.

ardour does have software-RAID capabilities but to be honest, i haven't
checked how they interact with the new default storage location for
audio data (given above).


ps. looks like you're back on the mailing list.

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