[ardour-dev] linking audio and midi automation to the region

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 3 09:07:15 PDT 2007


This is a follow up on our late nite IRC conversation.

I've further considered linking automation to regions
and can't find a good argument against it. I discussed
it with another experienced audio engineer. The
arguments for it in Audio and MIDI tracks seem obvious
and persuasive.

It's normal to invest 30 minutes into recording and
automating events in a three part harmony, six track
vocal chorus. When recording these types of parts for
pop music while using a click track, we record one of
three choruses. It's alot less work and requires much
less time to copy and paste one perfect chorus into
all three locations.

*record and mix automation once = 30 minutes
*cut-n-paste region including automation twice = 10
*total time = 00:30:10

I'd suggest the functionality that other DAWs have or
don't include is irrelevant.


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