[ardour-dev] Mackie code

John Anderson ardour at semiosix.com
Fri Jan 5 15:53:53 PST 2007

Howdies y'all

I have a bunch of code that needs a repository. The basic strip idea
seems to be working well - input and feedback for fader, pan, solo,
mute, rec. The proof of the design will happen when I implement bank and
track switching.

To do that, I've written code that connects and disconnects the relevant
set of signals from routes as they come in and out of the route_table.
That's the plan anyway - it certainly works the first time around.

I had to add

	record_enable_changed( src );  /* EMIT SIGNAL */

after track.cc:183 to make sure clicking the rec button for a track
emitted the right signal. It seems to be the right place. And it causes
the relevant led to light up.

Oh, and it seems that when more than 1 track is added at once, they all
get the same remote_id.

Lots still to do.


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