[ardour-dev] Various

Olivier Doaré nolv at free.fr
Wed Jan 3 08:45:11 PST 2007

I wish a Happy new year to every Ardour developpers,

During hollydays, i finally found time to test the latest ardour2. I
report here the problems i had:

*** I got a strange message when using the cleanup function on a 
specific project. The operation is aborted, and the following message is 
displayed in the log window:

[ERROR]: cannot rename audio file source from 
/tape/oliv/tyng/sympabass/sounds//Audio 1-8.wav to 
/tape/oliv/dead_sounds/Audio 1-8.wav (Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce 
Translation of the last sentence: "No file or directory of this type"
Look at the different paths... the error is probably here...

Looking at the xml .ardour file, I saw that the reference to this file was:
    <Source name="Audio 1-8.wav" id="18446744072889562198" 
timestamp="1165640585" captured-for="Audio 1" flags=""/>

Other files had a non-empty flag tag, so I changed it to:
    <Source name="Audio 1-8.wav" id="18446744072889562198" 
timestamp="1165640585" captured-for="Audio 1" 

But it did not change anything.

Finally, the other unused files are removed from the region list, but 
they remain in the sound driectory, which is annoying. In case it is 
useful, here is the corresponding .ardour file:

*** Mixer panes are enlarged when using long mixgroup names. See this

*** An automation line bug, which was corrected in Ardour 0.99 by Gerard 
van Dongen, is back:

An automation line which is not correctly drawn at low zoom level:

It is correctly drawn at hign zoom levels:

The patch submitted by GvD in 2004:

Best wishes,

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