[ardour-dev] quick note re: MTC

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 12:08:35 PST 2007

> But you can still assign channels to the
> 5.1 signals after the decoder of course, for example movie dialogue
> to the center speaker.

Which I hope is kept in mind when the panner is rebuilt if it does use 
Ambisonics, as there are situations that do require it to only come out 
of a single speaker.  For instance when I do a mix for Live Theater and 
I have a phone ring on stage(Assuming I am not ringing the phone itself 
via a Tele-Q or whatever) I may need that sound to come out of a 
specific speaker on stage and nothing else as I have placed it 
specifically to help keep attention on that part of the stage or to 
match the phone.  Just so long as I can continue to do this easily I 
think I would love the newer surround panner as I tend to do both styles 
of work quite often(A non-standard surround setup for storm effects etc 
is no uncommon).

Out of curiosity, to ensure I understand Ambisonics correctly, in a 
panner implementation of it, you would end up essentially putting in a 
scale and placing your speakers in the places they will be in the end 
result correct?  So if I have a 30 Foot stage, with a center cluster 
above centerline, and two stereo clusters 20 feet off center on either 
side, and 6 speaker positions placed throughout the space, I could 
essentially place those correctly in the panner and it would take care 
of appropriate delays etc needed for the panning as well(For instance if 
the sound is coming from the Stage right area, panned in Ambisonics, the 
opposing speaker in the house may produce some sound, but it would be 
delayed so the sound from the stage would reach there first?)


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