[ardour-dev] Hi everybody

DuWayne Holsbeck drh at niptron.com
Tue Jan 2 08:29:10 PST 2007

Just got a new Core2 Duo box, and I figured I would try Ardour2 on it.

I got everything loaded (debian etch), got the SVN to compile, but when
I try to run Ardour2 it seg faults as soon as it tries to load the sse
optimizations. I noticed a warning about binutils, and the version on
the box is 2.17-3, which supposedly has issues with linking Ardour. But
it did build.

If I load the Ardour package from debian, everything seems to work,
though I havent actually tried to do anything with it.

So my question is why wont it work ;-) But seriously I am looking for
suggestions on what to load on the box.

Any suggestions?

Thanx in advance

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